The Practice.

Lately, it has beamed upon me that all of the beautiful things in the world are graceful in the form of thought, which makes them very difficult to attain and translate into daily life. One of those splendid values is surely gratitude. When most are asked whether they are grateful or not, they’d most probably agree that they are grateful. Same applies to mindfulness and kindness. However, it seems that it is not adequate for us to simply admit it— beauty is in fact a practice— an action.
Some years ago, in a dark place, I realised that there was an unattainable dimension of beauty and dreams I wanted to achieve and reach. I knew I was blessed and honestly, the amount of blessings I was surrounded by made me feel even more guilty. Nothing really changed when I simply thought of that, it did not shift my mindset.
However, when I actively started to practise gratitude by writing those blessings down and truly acknowledging them every day, those blessings seemed more reachable. The sunlight …

In Safe Places.

I’ve been looking for your eyes, In the vivid stars, Glistening on a winter night. I wonder if I, Come across your thoughts, At lone times. For to me, In safe places, You’re a melody; A hum to my ear, I hear you close, To set my worries free. Worlds apart, But still in touch, Through beating hearts, And ocean-like irises, A spectrum of browns, Drowning fear alive. I’ve taken more risks, Than I thought I could bear, Perhaps when you believe, Love is found everywhere. And courage lifts me, Carries me, Towards a whisper, A faint light, A dream of love, An electric touch. Year over year, Passion growing, Our youth still pounding, In traces of memories, The glimpses of the past— An eternal you and me.

Sunrise Stories.

The dusky sky is blazoned with planets and faint stars flickering from afar. A distant moon is peeking gently from the west, evoking an intention to become more grounded, pulling us down by gravity, allowing our feet to sink in the ground with gratitude.
We are walking on a road that sparked many conversations, but now we are having our very own real ones. Nothing much has changed, perhaps reality and its troubles more overwhelming, our energies waning, potential fluctuating— but it’s still us, most of the time, at least when we’re together, we turn back to a time we trusted faithfully, so it saved itself for us, granting us an eternity we never dreamed of.
And while we are walking, we share this deep connection to what’s surrounding us. The sun rising from the east is simply painting a canvas before us with the freshly-coated colours of spring— the world is glistening in our eyes. We cannot help but marvel and gasp in admiration at how free beauty sometimes is. Perhaps it’s not free, w…

Nine Thoughts.

I don't know, but those are nine thoughts that have occurred to me lately, which I cannot conjure a respectable post about. The condensed list is much more authentic. I don’t know what has been going on inside my head but generally speaking, it’s overwhelming and mixed with the negative aspects of reality. Another lesson to find my bubble again. I’m starting my next project this month. All about observing the environment, sparking curiousity and to create awareness about the importance of research. The project’s aim is to allow learners to come up with ways they could personally be more aware of the environment and help in sustainability in general, through their own research results. So excited and ready for challenges and new things to learn about being an educator!Another daylight dream of mine is slowly coming to light! I will be speaking in an educational conference about applying a holistic approach to learning through metacognition and emotional intelligence. It was always a…

Heart Over Mind.

We have this beautiful whisper in our bodies which guides through this vessel I call truth. This whisper just knows what it’s saying. It knows, midst your confusion, the right thing to do.
This whisper is our heart.
I think we’ve been told not to listen to our hearts and have developed this negative image towards our feelings. We discard them at times, thinking they’re primitive and misleading. But I’ve just had an experience which proved completely otherwise, and I am willing to share it for I think it has turned so many things around.
I must say that not all of us are wired to trust our hearts. Some of us can see clearly through their minds’ calculations and interpretations, while others can be grounded with the stability of their bodies. That’s okay. We all need to be honest in the path leading to self-understanding and discovery, to know how we feel alive.
Last September, I silently told myself to let my heart go for a while and focus on using my mind in all situations, rather extensi…