Through Pain Comes Beauty.

A period of rampant observation struck me, as I analysed the different human happenings surround us all. I realised that all jovial, successful moments emerged from pain. All note-worthy experiences have birthed from ones that were chaotic and confusing at first. It seems that this is a universal truth.
I can see this truth before me, manifested into the universe. The anticipation and darkness of night is followed by a glimmering sunrise, a birth of a child does not happen unless a mother labours in pain, we all learn and grow from mistakes and truly love when challenged and brought to our weaknesses in honest vulnerability.
Pain does inflict our hearts, sometimes searingly. It cowers our potentials for a while and makes us so unsure and unstable yet, it transforms us. It transforms the universe as a whole. It brings about a potential for change and reformation— a threshold on which beauty is able to unfold and take shape. This is so beautiful to consider and to even think about, instil…


Your eyes are soft and pacifying, akin to a moon’s glow on a silent winter night, when stars appear and glisten. Your eyes are inscrutable, beautiful, meaningful. Holding much more than words could ever mean or signify. And I look into them, smiling, wondering if you could ever let that gaze go and would happen if you did. For it is an energy, a kind of eclectic gravity that binds our hearts as one.
We do not say much. I probably say too much, going around in circles asking about you. But you’re still looking at me, smiling silently, confidently and carefully. And I want much more than this.
I did not expect your wildfire to be so tamed and calm. I did not expect your confidence and flattering soul to hide and deeply embed itself into your heart. I didn’t expect you to look at me with such pride, such grace and appreciation. You have somehow turned some things around.
Perhaps I’m not as lenient as I think I am. I’m not as reactive as I used to be. I’ve changed to dominate, be determined …

Intentions for 2019.

I apologise for not writing too much lately. I’ve been rather distracted, you know? I have so much going on in my head to the extent that writing down my thoughts gets quite chaotic and I don’t want to share such a disordered array of thoughts because, it’s not meant to prove anything in the end.
2019 is here. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Plus, it’s another fresh page where I am going to lay out my dreams and ideals freely without constraints of past errors and mistakes.
I intend, this year, to be more free. I’ve been needing that a lot lately. I always tend to put myself down with worldly goals and tokens of success when in the end, they don’t matter. Sometimes I get too carried away and take success seriously; doing what it takes to be perfect and what not. However, life means more than just that. Life is the balance acquired in between, and without it, I will be bound to lose something in the end. I know that I’ve been chasing perfection because I want to prove that I can actually ac…

Enrapturing Highlights of 2018.

What a wonderful, fulfilling year it had been; adorned by growth and enlightenment with every passing day, although scarred by mistakes and little failures. 2018 is perhaps far by one of the most beautiful years of my life, in which I realised all of the goals I had set for myself and learned more about love; a beautiful soulful love that is unconditional and undemanding. I am so blessed so have lived this year.
Here are the most beautiful moments of 2018, listed month by month. JanuaryWriting letters to a soulmate of mine, in which we discussed fields of dreams and the truth of love.Giving private English lessons, which was a totally new experience.The arrival of spring! I won’t ever forget that day; watching the green leaves sprout delicately and the blossoms rupturing from their calyxes. (31.01.2018)Reading books.Discovering music that evoked the poetry in me.Wonderful weather; rain and clarity.Wandering around Egypt; going to the Pyramids, the museum and citadel.FebruaryThe weather …

Sunrise Stories.

The December sun rises almost too briefly. All at once, the warm yellow light embraces the buildings and the world is a little bit more charmed by a subtle glow, the kind that hits my eyes and makes me smile.
I tell myself that it’s been so long since I had taken the time to watch the sun. I have missed her dearly. I missed her sense of direction and safety that she always blesses me with. I missed her divergent colours at different angles and times of the day. Against all odds of having not much time, I walk out to the balcony and simply watch the ordinary come to life.
I remind myself that I haven’t been gentle with myself lately. I have been a waterfall of who I am, simply flowing and flowing powerfully, taking shape of the whole world as it is forced downwards to reality. I have been desiring change and trying new things out, when perhaps who I am is to settle down and be quite reactive to what surrounds me.
Reality is quite challenging, isn’t it? It makes us change in order to fit i…