Sunrise Stories.

It’s extraordinary how we have found each other, like ripples extended out on a pristine ocean. It’s as if our energies have surfaced the world clearly and confidently; with a magnitude so vibrant, it attracted all it could along its field. We stumbled upon each other a very long time ago, dearest, since our eyes met— and since then, we knew there was some sort of connection we couldn’t comprehend, yet was true and vital to our humanity. We were simply meant to be with each other.
You are the laughter that brightens up the day for everyone. Through all perils and risks, you stand so confidently, with a smile and a reassurance so loud and courageous, capable of getting through, succeeding and having a beautiful time. The possibilities before you are a source of comfort rather than not, and you are wonderfully able to determine what you want. The freedom empowers you, it gives you the choice and the blessing of using your mind boundlessly. Your mind is an enchanting thing, dear; how it i…

On My Way To The Clouds.

I haven’t been focusing on myself lately and have had this distorted view of reality. Maybe it is isn’t as distorted as people may think, for it is the norm. It is the norm to see the world in terms of problems and issues spiralling out of control— but such a norm was never meant to reign my perspective. It was never meant to structure my thoughts and belief system. It was never meant to be me.
Yet, I have somehow burst my bubble and let it all in. I am not affected by this negativity at all, but I am more receptive to it and sometimes catch myself complaining about reality. This shocks me for I promised I wouldn’t complain, even if it is hard, even if I am lost, even if everyone resorts to complaining. This shall never be my language.
I have forgotten that indulging myself into the attachments my dreams create is the alternative that used to sound appealing. It was the solution that was far-fetched and idealistic, nonetheless truly inspiring and magical. I have forgotten about my attac…


Your hands, Cold as the ocean, I’m dressed like, A summer sun. Let us meet, By some foreign shore, The water binds us, As one.
Moon-lit conversations, Of depths unexplored, You are a sailor, A heart that needs not a home. For my love is, Your one sanctuary, When worlds leave you, Cold and weary. To me you talk, Release your tides, Their bitterness not something, I keep in mind.
I try not to, Do the same, I’m afraid my words, Are a little less sane. They are eruptions, And gentle flows, Will you listen, And accept me all? For I am flawed, I am not the sun, I sometimes need, A little time, Offshore and desolate, For sweet blossoms, To emanate. Sometimes your love, Is overwhelming, It is a sea, When I am stale. It soaks me all, And I am drowning, My silence is, What seems to save me.
I am meant, To be challenged, Fitting in the universe, Of your dreams. I teach you all, About a little peace, A stillness of mind, The sounds of rustling leaves, So you fit into mine, For a little while, I am content, Our love blinded, Our borderlines.
Yet I’ve t…

The False Pride In Being Busy.

To be busy is not a virtue though it might be mistaken as one. In this fast-paced world, we are somehow unconsciously obliged to take on miscellaneous ventures; to do one thing after the other in a swift motion, leaving us no space for our bodies and minds to breathe.
I’ve learned that it is relatively easy to stay busy. It is easy to stress ourselves, as if we had been programmed to accept burying ourselves into the torments of workload. It is not easy to be busy, conversely, but it is much less courageous. It is much less mindful to keep working and working, limiting the scope of our minds to obligations and responsibilities, fooling ourselves with the concept that it is essential, that there's no enough time, etc.
I fell into that trap myself, thinking that burying my nose into work and studying was the best choice to make. However, a lot exists beyond that. A realm of mindfulness and epiphanies exists when we stop ourselves to take a break and focus on what’s truly essential. So…

Am I Ready?

I keep asking myself, as I am shifting towards this detrimental phase in life: am I ready?
Am I truly and wholly ready for this new set of challenges and experiences?
My heart has changed through the years. It has grown more tolerant to change; steadily and slowly. However, it seems now that it has been an exponential compounded growth that allows my heart to ask for change and set intentions to accept it willingly, with whatever bundle of newness accompanies it.
My heart is ready— truly ready. It feels safe and breathes in the possibilities, immersing deep gratitude in each and every thread of life they entail. Those possibilities are still blissful, even with the many mistakes I will make, the flaws I shall discover and explore and the choices I’ll have to make. This life is quite perplexing; for our choices change all the time. Our choices sometimes shift and transform as we do, simultaneously.
I must say I have changed; not much, but it’s evident— so evident that I can’t recognise who…